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We specialize in residential and commercial indoor air quality testing, moisture and water intrusion, and mold and mildew remediation. UPstate Lead & Environmental also does Methamphetamine Testing and Remediation.  

We are licensed by the NYSDOL as a Mold contractor Mold Assessor, Supervisor. UPstate Lead & Environmental provides a local, experienced and reliable approach to your complete remediation and renovation projects.

 Please contact use for any or all of your needs
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David Jones

David Jones/Owner 
David has been involved in residential and commercial construction for 35 years, 

Safety Coordinator for Jones-Marinich Construction in 1989 
Licensed appraiser in 1993-2000
Home Inspector for 20 years starting wit
h Housemasters and then his own company, UPstate Property Inspections in 1997.
Environmental consulting including actual hands on Environmental Remediation.
Dave has been EPA Lead Inspector, Risk Assessor, Lead Supervisor and Lead Supervisor for Indian Tribes. NYSDOL Certified Asbestos Inspector and Air Sampling Tech.
​FEMA Building Inspector
Mold Certified in Texas
Mold Certified Contractor NYSDOL CERT #  00662
Mold Certified Supervisor NYSDOL CERT # MS00586
Mold Certified Assessor NYSDOL CERT # MA00702
Performs mold abatement and inspections
An Approved Mold instructor for NYS Dept of Labor Mold Licensing program for private schools throughout New York
Methamphetamine consultant for many local and state health departments, hands on remediation and testing.
David has taught in over 52 cities, nationwide, from New York to Alaska including guest instructor for the University at Buffalo Toxicology Research Center specifically, Lead, Mold, Methamphetamines and other Environmental concerns.

Professional Affiliations
NYS  Licensed Home Inspector #16000048491 - Present
NYS Appraisal Society 1995-2000

Past president of NYS Council of Lead Professionals 1999
National Society of Environmental Consultants 1997-2003
ABC (Association Building Contractors) of Triple Cities 1997-2000

Greater Binghamton Association of REALTORS 1995-Present
Otsego Delaware Association of REALTORS 2009- Present
NYSAR (New York State Association of REALTORS) Affiliate
STAHI (Southern Tier Association of Home Inspectors) 2007-Present
Member of InterNACHI  NACHI15081031
Vice President and a founding member of Upstate New York InterNachi Chapter 

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